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NPS and Covid-19

How can you help your customers better during the Corona / Covid-19 pandemic? Many people are suffering from the effects of Corona.  Millions, because they got the Covid-19 virus, and billions because their livelihoods are in danger and freedoms are curbed.  During this crisis, for better or worse, more and more business shifts to the […]

How to translate a NPS survey

International companies serve customers in multiple languages. With FanExam you can choose the language of the NPS survey according to the preferred language of your customer.  FanExam even will translate a NPS survey in real time. Ready made, translated NPS questions FanExam already has multilingual capabilities builtin.  You can switch to NPS surveys in the […]

How to see where your users leave NPS feedback

FanExam measures where your users give feedback in your SaaS / website.  You can see the exact page and website address where the feedback was given.  Why is this feature so important?  Seeing the feedback location allows you to associate user experience and feedback rating. This feature is most important for open text feedback. Because […]

Zola, NPS, and a great case study

When Zola started their business as an online wedding registry, their founder and CEO Shan-Lyn Ma had to confront many assumptions an unknowns. So they used two research tools to uncover what their customers really wanted: Interviews Net Promoter Score surveys Both of these led Zola revise their offering and adapt to what their customers […]

How to collect NPS on a WordPress site

This post explains how to set up a Net Promoter Score survey on WordPress.  Starting to collect NPS on WordPress is simple and free. Setting up the FanExam Net Promoter Score survey on a WordPress site is simple:  Install the WordPress plugin Scripts n Styles Open a Fanexam account at FanExam Create Account Copy the […]