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About FanExam

FanExam is a complete solution to implement Net Promoter® Score (NPS) on your web SaaS app or website. FanExam will automatically survey your customers and create reports based on their scores and responses. We keep track of who was surveyed and make sure your customers are heard.

Why did you create FanExam?

With the huge growth of SaaS apps – and web-based interfaces taking a lead-role in customer interactions, we identified a lack of a system that could surface true customer sentiment about a product/company. We are big fans of Fred Reichheld and Rob Markey, and of their NPS creation, and we believed this is an ideal solution to offer true loyalty analytics.

We wanted something simple and that could bring immediate results – alas,

Who’s behind FanExam?

The founders of FanExam have been in the web analytics and ad industries since pretty much their beginning. They previously founded these companies:

  • Predicta – a leading online marketing solutions company in Brazil.
  • SiteApps – the optimization command center for the SMB website.
  • BTBuckets – the first self-service personalization & behavioral targeting platform.

FanExam moved to Wageningen, The Netherlands in Q4, 2016. FanExam deployment and further development is now coordinated by

Where are you located?

FanExam is based in Wageningen, The Netherlands. Are you in town and want to talk about customer loyalty? Reach out to us!