• NPS in Japanese / 日本語のNPS

    FanExam has improved its languages and is now offering NPS surveys in Japanese / 日本語のNPS:

    FanExam Japanese NPS

    The translation from English to Japanese takes into account cultural differences of wording the questions.


  • NPS and the EU General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR

    May, 25th, 2018 the EU General Data Protection Regulation – or GDPR as it is customary called – comes into force. From this date Data Privacy of EU citizens is regulated within a new framework. This has implications for FanExam and probably all other NPS providers. FanExam is committed to be fully GDPR compliant by May 25th.

    Simple steps to use FanExam GDPR compliant

    In terms of the GDPR, FanExam acts as a “data processor” if you use the FanExam NPS service to survey your customers. You can use FanExam GDPR compliant by these simple steps:

    • Don’t collect the IP address of customers. This setting can be selected in the FanExam settings page.
    • You can anonymize customer personal information by using an opaque identifier (for example a cryptographic hash). When you do this, FanExam (as a data processor) has no means to identify your customers. Be aware that you as a “data controller” still have the possibility to identify your customers (and you should make sure you have the consent of your customers).
    • Obtain consent from you customers, e.g. by asking them before collecting NPS.

    We will keep you updated about changes we implement to make GDPR compliance built into FanExam.

  • How to translate a NPS survey

    International companies serve customers in multiple languages. With FanExam you can choose the language of the NPS survey according to the preferred language of your customer.  FanExam even will translate a NPS survey in real time.

    Ready made, translated NPS questions

    FanExam already has multilingual capabilities builtin.  You can switch to NPS surveys in the following language:

    • CZECH
    • DANISH
    • DUTCH
    • FRENCH
    • GERMAN

    Some of our customers require a customized NPS survey in a language variation.  This is no problem with FanExam, as you can add custom translations.

    How to translate a NPS survey?

    We advise to start from the original English NPS questions, and translate them with the help of a native speaker.  Sometimes it is not appropriate to do a literal translation because of cultural differences.  This is the reason we advise to test a NPS translation with a sample of customers in order to make sure the the translation “feels right”.

    Custom translations and i8n

    FanExam offers custom translations for specific use cases. For example, the English ‘you’ needs to be translated into German as either ‘Sie’ or ‘Du’, depending on the survey.  With FanExam you can achieve this by using a custom translation.

    We are happy to help with further questions. Need another language?  Let us know here.

  • NPS in Dutch / NPS in het Nederlands

    The FanExam NPS survey  is multi-language.  FanExam now offers NPS in het Nederlands  / Dutch in addition to the existing languages.  On the FanExam settings page you can preview the survey in Dutch, and you can activate the language in your FanExam snippet.

    Screenshot NPS in het Nederlands - NPS Dutch

    Advantages of using Dutch for NPS

    Most users prefer to answer a survey in their native language.  The experience is smoother and it is easier for a user to give a response.  This translates into higher NPS response rates.

    Need another language?  Let us know if you need another language, in addition to:

    • English NPS survey
    • Czech NPS survey
    • Danish NPS survey
    • Dutch NPS survey
    • French NPS survey
    • German NPS survey
    • Italian NPS survey
    • Japanese NPS survey
    • Norwegian NPS survey
    • Portuguese NPS survey
    • Spanish NPS survey
    • Swedish NPS survey

    FanExam also offers custom translations for specific use cases.

  • Feature Update: FanExam Share Buttons

    We have updated the FanExam share buttons for facebook, twitter and linkedin.  One improvement is that the text color of the share links automatically adapts to your NPS text color.  That means you can change the text color and background color to match the style of your own website.screenshot FanExam share buttons

    How to choose a good combination of NPS text color and background color

    1. Make sure the color contrast between background and text is large.  If the contrast is not large enough, the text will be difficult to read.  This in turn would mean that a larger part of your audience would not complete the NPS survey.
    2. Try to match the colors in the FanExam NPS widget to the colors used in your website.  You can do this by going to the FanExam dashboard and select Settings->Survey Design. When you click on preview, you can see the FanExam NPS widget. At the same time you can adjust the colors live in the widget by clicking on a color selector:FanExam color selectors