Measure Net Promoter Score in Intercom

One of the top requested integrations for the FanExam platform was Intercom – a CRM platform for SaaS companies that makes it easy to personally communicate with their users through targeted, behavior-driven email and in-app messages.

How did we learn this?   We asked FanExam users for open feedback through our own NPS survey! calls itself “a new approach to CRM”.    At its core, Intercom is a platform that receives messages from customers and then lets a company segment them so that they can be accessed by relevant people for responses (the segmentation can be by keywords, but can also be by things like length of membership, duration and date of last visit, and so on). When employees respond to customers, companies can create profiles so that the responses come from actual people rather than faceless general accounts.

Enter the missing link: Net Promoter ScoreSM

The Net Promoter Score is the standard metric for measuring customer satisfaction. Classifying your customers into Promoters, Passives, and Detractors and learning why they either love or hate your product is the system used by companies such as Apple, Amazon, Zappos and other industry leaders. Having this information in your CRM system is invaluable in communicating with your clients (learn more: Why your SaaS needs the Net Promoter Score to measure customer satisfaction).
Ready for NPS customer data in your Intercom dashboard?
FanExam offers a seamless integration of customer NPS® data in Intercom.
See who your customers are & what they do in your product.
Intercom shows you the people using your SaaS product and what they do in them, so you can answer questions about your customer base in real-time. With NPS data you can go even further and ask questions such as:

  • Which of our Promoter Companies have not logged in the last 30 days?
  • Do Promoters and Detractors use different features?
  • Which behaviors do Promoters perform that Passives don’t?

Basically, learn different behaviors that bridge the gap between people who love your solution to people who hate it.

Get quality product feedback from the right customers

Intercom shows the people using your product and what they do in it, making it easy to quickly find the right people to ask for feedback. Knowing what each user’s NPS classification is allows you to approach them differently and further dig into root causes. Some of the benefits you can use Intercom with NPS data are:

  • Identify Detractors and engage with them before they increase they cancel & stop using your product.
  • Learn why Detractors are unhappy with your product – really see which features are frustrating customers (and why).
  • Enhance your marketing by learning how your Promoters define your product and it’s benefits.
  • Identify what it takes to turn your Passives into Promoters.

Use Intercom’s automatic email & in-app messaging features to interact with the different types of NPS responses.

How to Measure Net Promoter Score in Intercom

Below are the 3 simple steps necessary to start measuring NPS in your offering using FanExam & Intercom. FanExam offers a pretty complete FREE plan to let you get acquainted with the platform and the Intercom integration.

  1. Create a new FanExam account
  2. Install the FanExam JavaScript snippet on your website
  3. Turn on the Intercom integration in the FanExam integration settings

That’s it! Every time a customer responds the NPS survey, FanExam will submit an event to Intercom called Rated NPS FanExam with the NPS Score and NPS Category (Promoter, Passive or Detractor). FanExam will also create a custom attribute (see Intercom Docs) called NPS_FanExam available directly in your filters.

You’re all done. Automatically measure NPS in Intercom. Now go interact with your customers.

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