Zola, NPS, and a great case study

Zola Wedding Registry Screenshot
Zola Wedding Registry

When Zola started their business as an online wedding registry, their founder and CEO Shan-Lyn Ma had to confront many assumptions an unknowns. So they used two research tools to uncover what their customers really wanted:

  • Interviews
  • Net Promoter Score surveys

Both of these led Zola revise their offering and adapt to what their customers wanted.  We learned about this NPS case study from an excellent article at firstround.com.

Like the method used in FanExam, Ma used a NPS survey on their website to question visitors and customers if they would like to recommend Zola to someone else.  What is interesting about this use case is that Zola choose to focus on Detractors as a channel to hear straightforward advice.  In their experience the feedback from Promoters was less clear.

Ma choose to offer the NPS survey to their customers monthly.  This is more frequent than we advise per default in FanExam, but it makes sense for their specific offering (actually FanExam allows you to set the survey frequency such that it matches your specific audience preferences and your goals).  As CEO Ma says: “You want to reach out when your customer is ready to give feedback and when they have a good basis for that feedback, not when it’s most convenient for you as a company.

I can really recommend to read the whole article at firstround.com:

Firstround Zola interview
Firstround Zola interview

Disclaimer: FanExam has no affiliation with firstround.com and Zola.

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