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It’s with great pleasure that we will be sharing how leading SaaS companies & websites are using the Net Promoter Scoresm with FanExam. We are starting a collection of interviews with FanExam clients to share knowledge on how they are implementing NPS® to use customer feedback to grow their businesses. We will be talking with CEO’s, Product Managers, and Marketing Leads to understand tbeir experiences and best practices.
Our first interview is with Agustin Soler (@agussoler) – Co-Founder and Product Manager at We will learn how Agustin uses NPS data to help enhance his product. We will also talk about his lessons learned and his tips to measuring NPS on a global SaaS product.

And now to our interview.

Hello Agustin – and thank you for your time for this interview. Let’s get started, please tell us a little about in your own words and your role at the company. is essentially an online whiteboard – where we offer the best way for virtual brainstorming and collaboration. We’re a SaaS tool allowing remote teams to engage in the creative process.

I am’s co-founder & product manager.

Has measuring NPS with FanExam changed anything in your company? Logo

Yes. We take customer feedback very seriously and the NPS is a great framework to work with. Collecting feedback directly from within our app allows us to have a steady pulse of what customers really think about our service and allows us to identify and attack pain-points immediately. As a role of a product manager, I want to understand at all times the customer satisfaction for my product.

How was your experience with getting started measuring NPS?

FanExam makes life really easy. We got up and running real quickly, just adding the javascript tag and started collecting data almost immediately.

How do you react to customer ratings and feedback?

We use Intercom to talk to our clients, and with the FanExam integration into Intercom – we simply added new threads to our existing communication process.

Read more about FanExam’s integration with Intercom here.

Is there a specific feedback from a specific client that you recall that called your attention? How was it treated?

I recalled that a client mentioned that our control scheme wasn’t really working for him. With that in mind I started asking other clients about this and found out it was a big issue among most of our users.

How is the NPS information shared within your company?

We have a big-screen TV with our NPS score available for all to see. Besides that, I export the open feedback from FanExam and categorize this.information based on feedback type and categories.

I actually use a whiteboard from our own tool (a account managed me by exporting FanExam data) to help group the responses and share this with our CEO & team.

NPS Mural

Oh yeah, we also use FanExam’s Slack integration.

Looks like NPS is almost too good to be true. Do you have any criticisms for NPS?

I have spent a lot of time trying to wrap my head around our the actual NPS score. What does it mean, how does it relate to our true customer loyalty, and how can I use this to improve my product. What I have found is that following the NPS trend score and really diving into the open feedback and why the users gave that feedback are excellent ways of applying customer feedback to product development.

Do you have any tips or recommendations for other product managers who are interested in using NPS on their SaaS products?

It’s really simple and there is no reason any product manager would not measure NPS. Our biggest challenge at is finding the timing sweet spot to survey our clients. If we ask them to rate us too early – we tend to get lower ratings because these visitors have not yet experienced what our platform has to offer. However, this feedback is essential to improve our on-boarding process. I’d rather have a lower NPS score but have access to what happens in my customer’s mind as they engage with my platform at specific touch-points.

Thank you for your time. Do you have any closing remarks?

Love the product, hope you keep improving it as you’ve been doing it until now.

On behalf of FanExam, I’d like to thank Agustin for taking the time and sharing his experience with us. BTW – Agustin just had a daughter, welcome Mercedes!

FanExam Team

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